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Saving Plan

This full fledge saving concept which is designed to build a cash value for education and retirement to support you and the ones you love in the most essential stages of life.


Why do I need a Saving Plan Insurance?

  • Education saving plan : Planning a successful future for our children starts by providing them with the best possible education, which is usually highly expensive.
  • Retirement saving plan : Build a saving plan to protect the family’s goals against the misfortunes of life, and to secure a financially stable living.

What should I know about Saving Plan Insurance?

  • Education Insurance plan : In the event of death or disability, the insurance company will take over the monthly payments and will continue the Education plan, where your child will
  • Collect the entire saved cash value at maturity.
  • Retirement Insurance plan : I can choose to collect the retirement scheme lump sum or annuities.
  • Amend the monthly payment
  • Start a saving plan with a 25 US$ only
  • The saving plans are protected by Life Insurance covers.


What should I do in case of claim

  • Upon issuance, inform someone you trust regarding the insurance policy
  • Contact the insurance provider number on your policy.


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