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About Beirut Insurance Group

  • Where do I submit a complaint?
  • You can submit a complaint by clicking on and filling a form and you will be contacted within 3 working days.

  • How to contact Beirut Insurance Group?
  • You can contact Beirut Insurance Group by filling this form or by calling  01 900403 | 503 | 406 | 506 or sending an email on [email protected]

  • Why should I choose Beirut Insurance Group?
  • Beirut Insurance Group plays three major roles while assuming its duties as an insurer. The Group intends to be educators, distributors, and fair claims payers. Each of these roles will have an obligation towards our customers, which will ultimately lead to more awareness, trust, and confidence.

  • For how long has Beirut Insurance Group been in business?
  • Beirut Insurance Group has been in business since 1995

  • What products and services Beirut Insurance Group offers?
  • Beirut Insurance Group offers insurance plans catered to all target segments fulfilling their needs and proprieties.

  • Does Beirut Insurance Group have offices near me?
  • Beirut Insurance Group Offices are located in Jdeide, Nahr el Mot Highway - Le Boulevard bldg - 3rd, 7th, &  9th floor

  • How are Beirut Insurance Group consultants selected and trained?
  • Beirut Insurance Group team members are carefully selected and highly trained on all the products to provide you with the best insurance plan match that suits your ambitions.

  • How can I purchase a product from Beirut Insurance Group?
  • You can pay your insurance plan with Beirut Insurance Group either online on , Bank of Beirut Branches, or Bank of Beirut mobile app.

About Beirut Insurance Group