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Expertise & Experience at Your Service

Considering the current global turmoil, financial and physical uncertainty has become the major concern among institutions as well as individuals, and everyone is seeking better risk management strategies to protect their investments and properties. Beirut Insurance Group mission is to help customers understand and protect themselves, assisting them in mitigating their risk factors, through insurance, as part of a comprehensive risk management policy required and recommended by Bank of Beirut.


Since 2000, we have been applying our expertise and experience so that our customers can have the very best protection for individuals and their valued belongings. Over the past decades, our insurance products and services achieved substantial reach to all categories of clients by emphasizing more on their loyalty and trust in our mission. The rich and steady growth of Beirut Insurance Group was mainly fostered by its commitment to innovate and introduce highly demanded competitive products to the insurance market, each tailored to specifically identified market segments with specific needs, to fully satisfy those requirements.


Through a well-targeted line of service, Beirut Insurance Group strives to consult, assist and even urge members of the community to financially plan their future obligations. To that effect, another pioneering line of saving plan products were launched, guaranteeing the best returns to clients, at zero risks on their invested amounts. This product line was granted “The Best Insurance Product in the Middle East” award in 2016 by the Banker Middle East Magazine.


Innovating further on the existing products and services, Beirut Insurance Group introduced a one of a kind critical illness line of products which combined maximum benefits at an unmatched low-cost that could be afforded by the entirety of the company’s client base, and its acceptance and sales were exceptionally high. Beirut Insurance Group operations and upcoming plans will remain built on the solid foundations of these success factors.


Pierre Talhami

Beirut Insurance Group Manager

Expertise & Experience at Your Service