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Home Insurance

We understand that your home is more than bricks and mortar and it is very precious to you. Our home insurance is designed to safeguard your home and pay for damages to your home and your belongings.

Why do I need a Home Insurance?

  • To cover building and contents against fire and allied perils
  • To cover neighbors recourse
  • To cover theft and hold up

What should I know about Home insurance?

  • I can buy an all risk property
  • I can tailor my own policy with additional riders that suit my need
  • Declare on issuance all your contents and keep track of the valuable items
  • Theft is a an insured peril only if it involved forcible entry

What should I do in case of claim?

  • Stay calm and call 125 civil defense
  • Try to minimize the extension of the fire by using the extinguisher
  • Wait for the expert before debris removal
  • Follow on your claim with the insurance company as soon as you can

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